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We offer custom production of rubber and silicone parts to your specifications. We provide both serial and job production.

Examples of our custom production:

  • Gaskets
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Dust boots and covers
  • Rubber Stops
  • Bushings (silentblocks)
  • Wheels
  • Membranes
  • Rubber to Metal Bonded Products
  • Spare parts

Rubber To Metal Bonded Parts

We also offer rubberising of metals in standard hydraulic presses. Through this method we produce wheels, rollers, and more.

Other Rubber Products

Our permanent production programme also includes:

  • Bolts with rubberised head ø 44 mm; 58 mm and 70 mm (can combine various thread sizes)
  • Nuts with head ø 44 mm; 58 mm and 70 mm
  • Pallet truck wheels

To get an accurate quote, it is first necessary to define the design of the product and its use (UV resistance, contact with oil or petrol, mechanical load, etc.) We accept drawings in dwg, dxf, stp, igs and pdf format, but a hand drawn sketch with dimensions is sufficient for simple shapes.

We will then propose a suitable material if one is not specified by the customer. We are able to manufacture from the following types of materials with different mechanical properties, hardness or colour. We primarily process rubber made in Czechia.

EPDM – outstanding resistance to ozone and outdoor conditions, unsuitable for contact with oil or petrol

SBR – outstanding abrasion resistance, unsuitable for contact with oil or acid

NBR – suitable for contact with oil and grease, also resistant to petrol

NR – outstanding abrasion resistance and physical properties, unsuitable for contact with oil or petrol, or for outdoor conditions

CR – outstanding resistance to outdoor conditions, good resistance to oil and medium-high temperatures

Silicone – outstanding resistance to outdoor conditions and ozone, good temperature resistance ranging from -70° C to short-term exposure up to +250° C, harmless to health

The quote includes a calculation of the price of the press tool – mould (if the customer does not have one), which will then be owned by the customer. The price of the mould depends on the complexity of the design, the required life, and number of parts moulded per cycle, which are all based on the projected annual volume of production.

We will prepare the necessary drawing documentation for the press tool. We can produce simple mould shapes in our own toolroom. More complex mould designs will be manufactured by vetted external companies.

Press inspection and flash trimming are standard parts of our production process. To improve the appearance of the final product, we can arrange external cryogenic deflashing, where minor flash on the product is removed mechanically at low temperatures.

We have at our disposal hydraulic presses with working dimensions of 160×160 mm (for product sizes down to the order of several millimetres), 400×400 mm, 600×600 mm, topping off at 800×800 mm as the biggest mould size. We also own a throughfeed press (for creating a length of simple profile). However, we do not produce extruded lengths of profile.